Healthy Baking Substitutes
Healthy Baking Substitutes
July 31, 2013 • Posted by Brea Buffaloe

Baking is certainly easy to love but most of us feel the guilt after indulging in one of our homemade treats. Many of us are trying to lose weight, lower cholesterol and make many other healthy life changes. What if I told you there were ways to make your baked goods healthier without sacrificing flavor, texture or anything in between?

One of the easiest ways to bake healthier is to learn about ingredient substitution. There are many healthy substitutes to things such as oil, milk, flour and more. Here is a list of 6 substitutes to keep in your pantry.

Whole Wheat Flour – When baking anything from cookies and cakes to brownies and breads, whole wheat flour is a great healthy substitution. Not to mention it’s an incredible source of fiber which can help with digestion.

Apple Sauce – Any sweet bread, cookies or muffins can benefit from this oil substitute! It works best when alongside something fatty such as peanut butter. Because foods baked with oil substitutes tend to dry out, you should bake just until done.

Avocado – This is a superfood, packed with nutrients and oils that help fight against diseases. It’s also a great substitute for butter in baking! Avocado and butter nearly have the same consistency at room temperature and since it’s creamy with a subtle flavor, it makes any baked treat taste great!

Tofu- Silken tofu works great as a substitute for eggs in most baking recipes. One egg is about 1/4 cup of blended tofu. Make sure to blend until smooth!

Greek Yogurt- Greek yogurt isn’t just a healthy snack! It can also be a healthy ingredient. It can replace oil, butter or heavy cream with all the added nutritional benefits yogurt is known for such as probiotics and calcium.

Banana- This oil or butter substitute works best in brownies and cookies. Mashed banana has the ideal consistency for baking and it’s a great nutrient boost of potassium and fiber.

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