Mood Boosting Foods
Mood Boosting Foods
July 23, 2013 • Posted by Brea Buffaloe

Have you been feeling down in the dumps lately? Sad? Depressed? You may have tried hanging out with friends, trying a new hobby or going on a date to boost your mood. If it seems like nothing is working, why not try food? We don’t mean cakes and doughnuts (although, that may help too!). We mean foods that can naturally make you feel happier. Here are 4 foods that can help with the blues:

Fish – Some studies have found that omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on the areas of the brain associated with mood. It’s also a packed with protein which can also help your mood by stabilizing your blood sugar. For your next meal be sure to add some tuna, salmon or trout to the dish! Try this salmon with julienned vegetables recipe.

Whole Grains – Preliminary studies are indicating that selenium may improve depression. So, why not give it a try? Whole grains, as well as seafood, nuts and beans, are rich in selenium. This whole grain bread recipe is a great place to start!

Eggs – Many of us like to skip out on the yolk when eating healthy, but when eating mentally healthy, the yolk is the good stuff. Egg yolks are a great source of vitamin-B, which is known to lessen the severity of depression symptoms. Not to mention, eggs are also a great source of protein. This Cajun puffy omelet would make a great brunch option.

Chocolate – Everyone loves chocolate, and for good reason! Dark chocolate stimulates endorphin production, which gives you the feeling of pleasure. Get out there and indulge! Try this chocolate ganache truffle recipe!

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