Tips for Building a Cookie House
Tips for Building a Cookie House
December 21, 2012 • Posted by Christina Fong

Gingerbread, sugar, chocolate…there are so many cookies at your disposal. Why limit yourselves to Gingerbread when it comes to the building those edible holiday houses everyone loves so much? Your kids already have a favorite so let them pick a cookie specifically for this family-friendly activity and watch the Christmas magic unfold.

Whichever cookie they choose, here are some basic structural tips and design ideas for a sound and delicious cookie house:

1. Before starting construction, remember to build your house/village and its surrounding landscape on a large plate, tray, or shallow baking pan.

2. Have your kids pick a good, sturdy cookie that’s not too thick and heavy for the icing you’ll be using to glue your house together.

3. Aside from the usual foundation, four walls and a roof, putting up a door and chimney as well as cutting out windows are nice additional touches.

4. Pipe some detailing onto the roof and around the windows and door or just spread icing on the roof and walls and let your kids design it however they want with M&M’s, peppermints, etc.

5. Lollipops and gumdrops make for great trees and shrubbery.

6. Need a fence? Break down sticks of pretzels and glue them to together with icing.

7. If you want to add logs on or around your house, pretzels and pirouette cookies work very well.

8. Don’t forget the snow! Sprinkle shaved coconut on the ground or use gum paste/fondant if you’re looking for a stronger foundation for your landscape. A light sprinkle of powdered sugar looks great on top of houses, trees, etc.

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