Throw Out Your Leftovers!
Throw Out Your Leftovers!
November 29, 2012 • Posted by Christina Fong

If you’re still hanging on to the remains of your Thanksgiving dinner with numerous turkey sandwiches or other reinventions, it’s time to say your sweet goodbyes and let go. By now, a week has passed and for those who don’t know it, November 29th is Throw Out Your Leftovers Day (Yes, it’s an actual day)!

Aside from the fact that last week’s dinner doesn’t have the same irresistible flavors it did on the day it was cooked, it’s also no friend to your health at this point. What have become quite friendly with your leftovers are bacteria. As a general rule, leftovers shouldn’t be kept longer than 4 days. While they may look just fine to the naked eye, food harboring potentially dangerous bacteria doesn’t typically look, taste, or smell bad. So don’t be fooled!

Here are a few more food safety tips to keep in mind with your leftovers:

  • Keep food out of the "Danger Zone.” Bacteria multiply quickly between the temperatures of 40° F and 140° F.
  • Don’t wait for your food to cool. Refrigerate it immediately, dividing large amounts of food into smaller and shallow air-tight containers.
  • Reheat your food thoroughly, making sure it reaches 165° F before eating it.

Save your loved ones and yourself from the risk of food poisoning, and remember: we’re just a few weeks away from Christmas dinner!

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