Cut to Perfection: 5 Reasons To Love Your Electric Knife
Cut to Perfection: 5 Reasons To Love Your Electric Knife
November 9, 2012 • Posted by Christina Fong

There’s a lot of food headed our way, and we know one underrated appliance that can be very useful in “tough” situations. The electric knife is an admitted luxury in the kitchen when a well-sharpened knife could get the same cutting job done. However, its value is worth noting in some situations when you seem to find yourself spending more time cutting food than you are cooking it!

Here are 5 foods to work your electric knife magic on:

  1. Turkey. The most obvious use for an electric knife is for carving that beautifully roasted turkey of yours on Thanksgiving Day. After slaving away all day on a veritable feast of delights, any cook is exhausted by the time they reach the dinner table. The electric knife just makes carving the bird one less thing to worry about.
  2. Tough Meat. Pork roasts, ham, or thick BBQ meats can be tough to cut sometimes, especially if you’re looking for nice, clean slices and don’t want to put all your energy into hacking away at your food. Save yourself the extra work.
  3. Bread. If you frequently bake your own bread or tend to buy a lot of artisan breads, then more often than not, you have to slice them yourself. The electric knife cuts through bread like butter without squishing or tearing it and it does the job in no time.
  4. Cakes. Freezer-stored desserts such as ice cream cakes or icebox cakes can be particularly difficult to cut sometimes, even after you run your knife through hot water. While the electric knife does a great job of cutting frozen cakes, it also works fantastically well on delicate cakes, such as angel food cake, without crumbling them.
  5. Fruits. You’d be surprised how useful the electric knife can be when it comes to cutting fruits with tough exteriors like watermelon and pineapple. Again, it’s all about cutting down on mess and stress along with cutting your food!
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