Chill Out with a New eBook About Ice Cream
Chill Out with a New eBook About Ice Cream
October 12, 2013 • Posted by Christina Fong

Calling all ice cream lovers! Faded + Blurred has released chill: Making happiness…one scoop at a time, a stunning new eBook to add to your virtual cookbook collection.

Filled with recipes that range from the classics, like Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Chocolate Chip, to the tastefully unorthodox, such as Sunday Morning French Toast and Soo-Weet (with candied bacon!), chill is a collection of your ice cream fantasies come true. It’s not only beautiful to look at but these wonderfully creative recipes are sure to have you working overtime in the kitchen with your ice cream maker (they recommend the ICE-21 or ICE-100). So what are you waiting for? We’ll be having one of everything.

The eBook is available to download onto your iPad for on-the-go access or onto your computer as a PDF. It includes:

  • 20 amazing ice cream recipes
  • a brief history of ice cream
  • a few words about vanilla
  • tips for getting great results
  • packed with gorgeous photos
  • audio commentary
  • more than 60 pages
  • all for only USD $5!


About the authors
Nicole Rae and Jeffery Saddoris are the founders and creative team behind Faded + Blurred. Nicole (Nikki) is an Aperture award-winning fine art photographer whose work, in addition to several gallery shows in 2011-12, was recently in Rangefinder magazine. A former art director for Universal Studios, Jeffery uses his background in theatrical design and traditional media to create unique interactive content across a wide variety of platforms and genres.

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October 12, 2012 2:44 PM
Fantastic book. Best $5 you'll ever spend! My favorite recipes from this book are "Sucker Punch" and "Sunday Morning French Toast"! Now that Fall is here, I'm actually thinking of using fresh apples and trying out the "Caramel Apple" recipe. Mmmm. - Randy
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