It’s Tailgating Time!
It’s Tailgating Time!
September 4, 2012 • Posted by Jean at Delightful Repast

College football fan or not, everyone loves a good tailgate party! I suspect many of those partying outside the stadium have never even see the game, though big screens abound. From simple to sublime, tailgating runs the gamut from a simple precooked lunch to a lavish tented affair complete with fine china, chandeliers and floral arrangements, as well as a full-on field kitchen.

Most tailgaters fall somewhere in between. For those "tailgating" at home, with a big-screen TV and a little planning, it's almost better than being there. You can put on as great a game-day spread as those tailgaters at the stadium.

Get the afternoon started with great snacks—maybe some dips, such as hummus or pimento cheese. Follow with a few heartier snacks, like deviled eggs and drumettes or wings. Then right around halftime, bring on the real food—dishes that are easy to serve and easy to eat while watching the game.

Popular choices for those grilling on the spot, at home or at the stadium, include: chicken, brisket, ribs, pork butt, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, and vegetable kabobs. Those bringing precooked fare might pack fried chicken or a big pot of chili or pulled pork.

Grab-and-go desserts that require no slicing and serving are perfect for a tailgate party. Hand pies, cupcakes and big cookies require no plates, forks or spoons; just set them out with a big pile of napkins. 

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