Fruit-Infused Playdate Pops
Fruit-Infused Playdate Pops
August 6, 2012 • Posted by Katie Marber

If you're like most parents, you've been presented with the difficult question of bribery. In order for your stubborn little one to listen, you can either teach them the hard way, or you can offer them something tangible for their acquiescence. Not only does bribery come with an ethical cost, but often time, the trade off involves an unhealthy rarity snack. However, if you're hosting a playdate or a party, neither options go over well. Instead of choosing to discipline someone else's child or serving taboo sweets, go with homemade fruit-infused popsicles and create a win-win!

These refreshing and sweet treats convince the grinning and giggling little ones that they've cheated the system by bagging dessert in the middle of the day! Little do they know you've handed them over a full serving of fruit necessary for their healthy growth. Instead of nixing soon-to-be rotten fruit, freeze it in these cool handy snacks.

The ease of homemade popsicles makes this bribery tool a hole-in-one. Ahead of time, simply fill popsicle molds with generous amounts of sliced fruit of your choice. You can use a mix of your child's favorite fruits or a variety to ensure your guests will love it all the same. Kiwi, strawberries and mango harmonize well together, too. Then pour white grape or apple juice (the no-sugar added kind) into the molds and pop these puppies in the freezer. In no time, your playdate-savers will be ready for pick-up. Just make sure to plan in advance for them to freeze in time (give yourself a day) and remember, it never hurts to have extra!

With these succulent homemade fruit pops, your house will soon become the dream location for all future playdates. I think we just came up with a win-win-win situation!

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