How to Throw a Cupcake Decorating Party
How to Throw a Cupcake Decorating Party
June 18, 2012 • Posted by Christina Fong

If you haven’t thrown your kid a cupcake decorating party, it’s about time. It’s a party idea that wraps sugary sweet desserts and arts-and-craft-type fun all in one. Plus, it’s great because this party won’t limit kids to one or two slices of one cake but lets them eat as many cupcakes as they want and can decorate. To help these little cake artists discover the Picasso within, here are few tips on throwing your party:

  • The first and most obvious step is to bake your cupcakes! Whether you bake them the same day or the day before, give them enough time to cool. This will make frosting them a lot easier. If you want to keep it simple, you can just choose one flavor but having two flavors may better fuel their creative process (or satisfy their sweet tooth). Try Cuisinart’s Birthday Cake recipe.

  • Frosting is a must for any cupcake. To save some money, you can opt to make your own, such as Cuisinart’s Fluffy Frosting or buy a variety of flavors to give your cupcake decorators some more options. You can opt to pre-frost the cupcakes if you want to save time or frosting. If not, make sure everyone has a plastic knife to frost with.

  • The cake decorations are where the creativity really begins. Make sure you offer everyone a lot to choose from. Sprinkles, jelly beans, M&M’s, you name it. The colorful assortment will be a feast for their eyes and mouths! If everyone’s old enough to handle icing, prepare a few squeeze bottles filled with different types of icing. No need to splurge on fancy piping/icing tools. Again, keep the options fun and colorful.

  • Organize all the decorations in separate bowls in the center of the table so everyone can easily reach them. If you want to provide a little inspiration, place some cupcake decorating ideas on the table for everyone to mull over.

And that’s it! Set the table and let those budding young cake artists loose. If you’re planning on hosting a themed party, ignore what I said about being super colorful and keep the color palette of the cakes and decorations in tune with your theme. Enjoy!

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