How to Host a Bridal Shower
How to Host a Bridal Shower
April 15, 2012 • Posted by Jean at Delightful Repast

Bridal shower season is here, and at some point in her life every woman will give one! If your time has come, the following six tips will help you pull it off without a hitch.

  • The bridal shower may be given by any close friend, usually a member of the bridal party. Traditionally, showers are not given by the bride’s or groom’s immediate families. Though a family member’s home may be used for the shower, the actual hostess should be a friend.
  • No one is invited to the shower who is not invited to the wedding, but not everyone who is invited to the wedding is invited to the shower. Only the bride’s closest friends and relatives are invited to the shower. Relatives of the groom are invited only if they are close to the bride.
  • The bridal shower is held at least one month, but not more than two months, before the wedding.
  • Shower invitations are sent four to six weeks ahead, asking guests to RSVP by two weeks before the shower.
  • Since a shower by its very nature calls for a gift, it is the one invitation which may include information (including registry information) to help guests choose a gift. However, if it is a personal shower, the bride’s clothing sizes cannot gracefully be printed on the invitation. Rather, include a line such as “Please call Linda at 888-555-0000 for sizes.”
  • If you host the shower in a restaurant, you must pay the entire bill. After all, if you were hosting it at home, you would not present your guests with a bill. It is much more affordable to do a luncheon or tea, or even just dessert, in someone’s home.
  • Oh, just one more thing: Remind the bride not to use any of the gifts until after the wedding.
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