Life of the Party
Life of the Party
December 16, 2011 • Posted by Jennifer Perillo

It feels like being shot out of cannon the moment the calendar turns to December. Life as a working parent is a constant juggle. Throw in the added pressure of preparing for the holidays, and well, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Rather than give into the chaos, right about now is a good time to take a deep breath and plan your strategy to get through everything on your To-Do list. Here are some tips for keeping the Merry and Happy front and center during school celebrations this holiday season.

Timing is everything What you take or bake depends on when the party is happening. Low-sugar, breakfast foods are better suited for morning school celebrations. Opt for granola, apple muffins or fresh fruit, and save the chips and sweet snacks for afternoon parties.

The Early Bird Gets to Bring Paper Plates Don't feel guilty if you know you won’t have time to bake, but do get to the sign up sheet early. This year I decided to give myself a break and decided I would buy the paper goods, except two other families beat me to it just minutes after the list was emailed! Check those class party emails as soon as you get them. All was not lost for me, I chose coffee— a must for any morning class party.

Volunteer The Day of the Party Most of my daughter's class parties have a few craft activities. If your child's does too, then maybe volunteering to lead one is a better choice than burning the midnight oil baking the night before.

Do Your Prep Work Many cookies taste even better once the dough has had time to sit, allowing the flour to absorb the flavors and liquid in the dough. Make a batch or two of chocolate chip cookie dough, a few days before you need it, and store it in the fridge in a tightly covered container. On the day of the party, you’ll be ready to bake and take at a moment’s notice.

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