Homemade Chocolate Milk
Homemade Chocolate Milk
October 23, 2011 • Posted by Kim Foster

My husband, David, is not a cook. When I’m not home for dinner, he’s shuttling the kids off to the neighborhood Japanese restaurant, or out for shrimp cocktail at the local Applebee’s. But the one thing that always bothered him is our daughter’s love for chocolate milk, and how much sugar was in every glass. So he decided to do something about it.

That’s when I walked into my kitchen and found the counters filled with bottles, measuring spoons, various kinds of cocoa, and my husband measuring, pouring, and furiously writing things down on a note pad. One half of the kitchen was covered with fine brown dust. He had decided to make his own chocolate milk for the girls, one without sugar. He was a mad scientist and my kitchen was his laboratory.

First thing David figured out - unsweetened cocoa requires a sweetener. Alone, it tastes like dirt. But he didn’t want to use sugar or a chemical sweetener, like Aspartame or Splenda. After some research, he settled on Stevia, which is plant-based and has a strong natural sweetness. It’s roughly 300 times sweeter than sugar, which means we use less and it’s natural. Here’s David’s recipe – this way you won’t have to spend hours cleaning cocoa from every crevice of your own test kitchen.

David’s Home-made Chocolate Milk
Makes one quart
This chocolate milk is my girls’ favorite and they love that Daddy has to make it for them. David has talked about adding a little vanilla or other flavorings to see how they taste, but so far we’ve been enjoying this version with no complaints. Feel free to experiment. Unlike store-bought chocolate milk, this milk has no additives, so you’ll find that the contents settle at the bottom, and you’ll have to stir or shake it before serving.

3 heaping tablespoons, unsweetened cocoa
3 heaping tablespoons, Stevia
¼ cup boiling hot water
1 quart organic milk, whole or reduced fat

In a heat-resistant glass pitcher, add the cocoa, Stevia and hot water. Stir together until it forms a hot syrup. Pour milk into syrup. Stir together. If it is too chocolate-y for you, add a little more milk. Refrigerate, and serve cold.

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