Tomatillos: Salsa Verde
Tomatillos: Salsa Verde
August 18, 2011 • Posted by Ethan Adeland

Show me someone who has never heard of salsa verde (green salsa) and I will show you someone who will fall in love with the taste of it as soon as they give it a try.

The main component of salsa verde is the tomatillo, which is a staple of Mexican cuisine. It looks like a small green tomato covered in a papery green or brown husk, but the tomatillo is different than your average green tomato. It is more acidic, meatier and has a much more pronounced flavor.

You can use tomatillos the way you use tomatoes to make pico de gallo or any kind of red salsa. Chop them up and add your seasonings. Salsa verde is not as chunky as traditional red salsa, and although it typically has less heat, you can get creative and make it as mild or hot as you like. The tomatillo is the perfect canvas for you to express yourself.

Take a look at these two terrific recipes for salsa verde:

When you forget to take pictures of your food and eat it all and have to make it again for one photo, you know it's good!

Salsa verde being taken to a whole new level by adding the lusciousness of a creamy avocado.

And some ways to incorporate all that goodness into your meals:
Whether it's breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, try and tell me you couldn't eat tomatillo huevos rancheros at any point in your day.

Homemade chicken enchiladas with salsa verde. Who else wants to go to Mexico right now?

Here's a little spin with the tomatillos. Instead of going the route of a salsa verde, you can use them to be a part of a little green gazpacho as a bed for grilled scallops.

Have fun playing around with tomatillos and adios amigos!

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