The Rice Cereal Debate
The Rice Cereal Debate
February 2, 2011 • Posted by Jennifer Perillo

First foods are an evergreen topic, and for good reason. Those early tastes help set the stage for good habits later on down the road. Recently, Dr. Alan Greene, a renowned pediatrician who has also written many childhood nutrition articles, made a heady claim on ABC’s Good Morning America show. Dr. Greene believes feeding white rice cereal is not only bad for baby, but thinks it’s the root cause of childhood obesity.

Not all professionals in the pediatric and health field agree with Dr. Greene, and believe claims of this kind shouldn’t be made without conclusive research and proof to substantiate them. What ABC’s chief health and medical editor Richard Besser, and Keith Ayoob, associate professor of pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine do agree on is that whole grains are a much healthier option. We think so too, as we recently talked about making a healthy, homemade oatmeal.

As many pediatricians point out, rice cereal is gluten-free making it a sensible choice for allergy and food sensitivity reasons if there are existing issues in your family’s medical history. But that doesn’t mean white rice cereal is your only option. If you prefer to stick with your doctor’s recommendation look for an iron-fortified brown rice cereal, another gluten-free alternative, that happens to be richer in nutrients.

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