Baby, It's Cold Outside
Baby, It's Cold Outside
January 3, 2011 • Posted by Jennifer Perillo

It looks like this winter has the potential to be a long and cold one for more than just us folks here in the northeast. Places I once thought were free from cold and ice, like the southern United States, are getting hit with record-breaking temperatures. This season, play it safe with these tips for dressing your little ones before heading outside.

Dressing in layers help insulate your body better. Letting them help choose will make it easier to get each layer on. Remember to unzip and remove a layer if you’re in and out of stores while bundled up to avoid overheating, especially important to keep cranky kids at bay.

Give ‘em the boot—literally. Feet need to stay warm even when the ground is dry. Most stores have winter inventory on sale right now, so buy a size up for next year at this year’s discount.

Remember the little kitten who lost her mittens? Get used to it, because kids inevitably lose a pair or two each season. Velcro mittens thankfully make it easy to get gloves on tiny toddler hands, so they’re worth seeking out a pair for a stress-free bundling up experience for mommy and child.

Of course hats and scarves are a must too on blistery days. Keeping a few on hand, and letting kids choose which one they want to wear, gives them some say in the matter. Power is all about perception.

And when they come in from the cold, a hot cup of cocoa is sure to shake any remaining chills from the great outdoors.

Homemade Hot Cocoa
serves 2

2 cups steamed milk
Chocolate ganache (recipe follows), to taste
Fresh whipped cream, to garnish (optional)

Divide steamed milk into two mugs. Add chocolate ganache, to taste, and stir until mixed well. Top with whipped cream, if using.

Chocolate Ganache
makes about 2 cups

1 cup heavy cream
2/3 cup sugar
6 ounces finely chopped bittersweet chocolate

  1. Add cream and sugar to a small pot. Bring to a simmer, but do not let it come to a boil.
  2. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes, until sugar has dissolved. Add chocolate to a deep heat-proof bowl.
  3. Pour hot cream mixture over chocolate and stir with a rubber spatula until combined and chocolate is melted. Transfer to a glass or BPA-free plastic container and let cool slightly before covering and storing in refrigerator. Will last for up to two weeks.
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