A Very Happy Halloween
A Very Happy Halloween
October 30, 2010 • Posted by Jennifer Perillo

My childhood is filled with memories of many a Halloween with our costumes cloaked in coats, barely visible to the neighbors we were politely shaking down for candy. So goes the weather in New York. You just never know whether to expect mild or downright cold temperatures for what many kids consider to be the most important day of the year. Luckily, all it takes is some planning to make sure your kiddies have a very happy Halloween.

When in doubt make sure you have a long-sleeved shirt to add an extra layer of warmth to costumes if the temperatures unexpectedly dip. The same goes for disguises that are furry or may make your child overheat. Be prepared with a cooler costume option so those fall heatwaves don’t catch you by surprise.

Bathroom breaks. This may seem silly, but if you’re potty training, then it’s especially important to make sure your child can easily get in and out of their costume.

A little comfort goes a long way. Sure the kids want the perfect shoes to match their costume, but being able to walk in them all night is most important. Make sure they test-drive them before you leave the house for any epic trick or treating sessions.

And since Halloween is a day for celebrating your sweet tooth, try our recipe for sea salted cocoa caramel corn —sure to please kids of all ages.

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