Power Breakfasts
Power Breakfasts
August 12, 2010 • Posted by Jennifer Perillo

Food truly is fuel for the body, and there’s no better way to jumpstart your little ones engine than a well-balanced breakfast. As they get older, this will be ever-important during the school years when they they’re expected to be alert and ready to learn for six to eight hours straight. Here are a few easy, no-cook ideas for getting going on busy weekdays.

Skip the sugary cereals. Add cut up pieces of fruit to crisped rice or whole-grain cereals for a more natural sweetness. Adding milk rounds out the meal, but if your kids like to eat it dry, no worries—let them drink it in a glass instead.

PB&T (peanut butter & toast). Peanut butter is filling and loaded with protein. Toast up a slice of whole grain bread, then let the kids spread some on and decorate with a funny face made from a few slices of banana and blueberries.

Think outside the box. Cereal is the quick-fix on busy mornings, but if your kid’s not a fan, try rolled up slices of turkey and cheese for a fast protein pick-me-up. Serve with a glass of milk and some apple slices, and they’ll be ready to conquer the day.

Smooth sailing. No need to cook oatmeal on the stovetop—just add it to the blender with some yogurt or milk and frozen fruit for some cool sipping. We’ll help get your started with this recipe for a Granola & Berry Smoothie.

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