Be Our Guest
Be Our Guest
July 8, 2010 • Posted by Jennifer Perillo

Whether you’re going to an intimate dinner party or summer soiree, showing your host a simple thanks is a sure way to get invited back. Here are some tips to secure your seat at this season’s backyard bashes.

Do Your Homework
Before bringing a dish, always ask if anything specific is needed. If the hostess says bring what you’d like, ask a few questions about what she’s making. This way you can prepare something with complimentary flavors. Aim for dishes that can sit at room temperature too or be served on arrival—chances are your hostess has enough on her plate than worrying about where to store or heat anything.

No Cooking Required
Sometimes the best gifts are items your hostess would consider a splurge, like wine glass charms so guests can keep track of their glasses or an instant-read thermometer to make sure everyone’s meat is cooked just right.

Wine In Doubt
Unless your host doesn’t drink alcohol, a bottle of wine is always a good bet. If you’re not a connoisseur, ask for help at your local wine shop, and they’ll be able to send you off looking good on arrival.

Leave a Lasting Impression
For evening parties, stand apart from the crowd with a basket of homemade muffins, let your hostess know they’re to make her morning easier. This way you’ll be the first person on her mind as she sips her morning coffee and starts thinking about the next dinner party.

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