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Magical Chicken Soup


2 Chicken Breasts, diced small into 1/2 inch pieces
3 TBS of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
7 cloves of garlic
2 large carrots, diced small
2 celery stalks, diced small
1 small yellow onion, diced small
1 TB of dried Thyme
1 TB of dried Parsley
Kosher Salt and Pepper
6 ounces of dried Mini-Pinwheels
1 can(49 ounces) of Low-Sodium Chicken Broth
1 tsp Demi-Glace de Poulet (optional)

Fresh Cilantro or Parsley
Fresh lemon juice


In a large pan or dutch oven, add 1 TB of Extra Virgin Olive Oil over medium heat. Season the diced chicken breast with kosher salt and pepper. Brown chicken. Remove chicken from pan and set aside. In the same pan you browned the chicken, add remaining 2 TBS of Olive Oil. Add carrots, celery and onions. Season again with kosher salt, dried thyme and dried parsley. Saute until onion is translucent about 5-7 minutes. Add chicken stock and Demi-Glace (if using). Bring to a boil. Return chicken and its juices to the soup. Add pasta to soup and cook for about 10 minutes. Turn heat off. Adjust seasoning according to your taste. Cover and let soup cool down. (This will help soften the pasta and vegetables). If you like to have more broth in your soup, you can add additional chicken stock, just adjust seasonings. You can add any of the suggested garnishes according to your family's taste.


8 small servings, or 4 large servings

Nutritional Information Per Serving

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