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White Wine and Herb Braised Chicken and Potatoes


6 Chicken Legs & 6 Chicken Thighs-bone in & skin on
1 Bottle White Wine (Pinot Grigio Preferred)
2 White onions
1 Head of garlic
8 Small or 5 large red potatoes
1 Tablespoon dried rosemary
5-6 Sprigs fresh thyme
10-12 Fresh sage leaves
2-3 Teaspoons smoked paprika
1 Lemon
Salt & Pepper


Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees

Smash Garlic cloves to remove outer paper, dice onions, and cube potatoes into bite sized pieces

In a large baking dish (preferable one with a heavy lid) add white wine, diced onions and smashed garlic - arrange to cover bottom of dish evenly. Arrange potatoes along the outside of the dish leaving the center open for the chicken & onions

Dust potatoes with rosemary, salt and pepper - arrange sage leaves in the middle of the baking dish

Lay chicken on top of onions, garlic and sage leaves evenly - skin side up

Cut lemon in half and squeeze juice over chicken and potatoes

Remove thyme leaves from steams and dust chicken and potatoes with thyme, paprika, salt and pepper

Cover with lid or heavy tin foil and bake for 2 1/2 hours, braising chicken with turkey baster every 15-20 minutes. For the last 20 minutes (or so) turn heat up to 425 and leave uncovered until skin in golden brown



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