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Asian Salmon & Cashew Salad


One 4oz filet of salmon per person
Baby Spinach
Chopped cucumbers
Chopped sugar snap peas
Shredded basil
Fresh mint
Hoisin (Asian Plum) Sauce
Asian salad dressing
Chopped cashews


Fry or grill salmon. Let cool on cutting board. Dress with Hoisin sauce. Per each serving, layer baby spinach, chopped cucumbers (peeled & seeded), chopped sugar snap peas, shredded basil and mint. Cut salmon into bite site pieces. Layer on top of salad; sprinkle cashews on top and dress with Asian vinaigrette.



Nutritional Information Per Serving

Salmon: 160-200 calories; Hoisin sauce: 35 calories for 1 tablespoon; 9 calories per whole cashew

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