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Cheeseburger Delight


1 lb. Lean hamburger meat
1/4 cup original or homemade bread crumbs
1 egg white
American cheese
Hash brown potatoes
Salt (to taste)
Accent (to taste)
Tomato slices
Mayo, mustard, pickles, to taste.


Mix the hamburger meat, egg white, breadcrumbs, salt and accent making sure you do not over-mix it. Form into patties to fit a regular bun. Preheat skillet which have been sprayed with cooking spray and cook the meat in medium heat approximately 5 min. On one side and then 4 min. On the other side.
On another pan or on a grill spray cooking oil and cook hash brown potatoes following instructions on the package. After turning the hamburger and is thoroughly cooked top with the potatoes and cheese until partially melted and put it on the bun. Add lettuce and tomato, and the rest of the ingredients and presto.....hamburger delight!!!!.....

Enjoy it!!!!!


4 people

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