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Pork w apples & slaw


2 lb. pork roast
3 carrots
1/2 head cabbage
2 lg. apples,
coleslaw dressing to taste


roast 2 lb. pork for family of 4,
grind portion of meat desired for 2 serving s for 10 mos. old+(scrape to bowl
pulse 4 raw washed carrots
add 2 peeled, cord apples & pulse
scrape into second bowl
add 1/2 head cut cabbage to blender
grind until esired consistancy for family
remove 3/4 cabbage
return1/4 of of carrots, cabbage and apples to
blend a little finer for the 10 month old+
add coleslaw dressing to taste and add to ground pork
Serve slawalongside the pork roast for the remaining 3 in the family



Nutritional Information Per Serving

30 g. carb from carrots, cabbage, apples/ serving

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