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Beef Stroganoff


Beef steak ( i use round steak) 3lbs. cut into strips
Flour (3tbls.)
Beef boullion (4 cubes)
Nushrooms (canned or fresh )
Water (about 2 cups & added as needed )
Butter or margarine (about 4 tbls )
Sour cream (16 oz) container
1 12 oz pkg egg noodles (prepared as directed on pkg.)


Cut round steak into strips. brown in butter or margarine. add water (about 2 cups) add about 4 bouillon cubes or the equivalent in powdered bouillon) add onions or about 1/2 onion
Then add 3 squeezes of catsup (about 1/4 cup) then cook on low heat for about 1 & 1/2 hours or until steak is tender (keep adding water as needed) then when meat is tender add mushrooms. Start a pan of water to boil & cook egg noodles, drain; set aside. Then combine about 3 tbls. flour to water in cup & mix til lumps are smooth. add to pan and stir til thick. turn off heat and add sour cream (while stirring the same time).
serve over cooked egg noodles!


about 8

Nutritional Information Per Serving

no nutrition information available

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