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Cold Porridge with Fruit


4 Cups - Rolled Oats
1 Cup - Chopped Nuts (I use Almonds & Pecans)
1/2 Cup - Raisins
6 Whole - Dried Apricots chopped
6 Whole - Dried Dates chopped
1 Tbl - Cinnamon
4 Cups - Vanilla Greek Yogurt (high protein)
2 Whole - Large Apples grated or chopped
2 whole - Large Bananas chopped


1) In large bowl or tupperware mix the first 6 ingredients.

2) When ready to eat divide one quarter of mixture into each bowl.

3) Mix 1 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt with mixture.

4) Let sit to desired texture. Preparing before bed seems to be best to allow full moisture absorption.

5) Before serving top with 1/2 Apple, and 1/2 Banana.

Optional: If more protein is needed for the day, one scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder can be placed in each bowl. If this is done, "Regular" Vanilla Yogurt works best for better mixing ability.



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