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Who loves ya, baby? To cast your vote for the "Funniest Baby" click on the image of your favorite, then rate the photo out of 5 stars by clicking on a star.

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Just Chillin'
Submitted by Jules:
Green beans?!
Submitted by Bethany F.:
Daddy can I have my own pony.
Submitted by Apricot baked French toast aka:Heather's Heaven
I Don't Like Confrontation
Submitted by Dino Scares Gavin:
Sloane's 1st Birthday!
Submitted by PJFrahm:
Lia Shae
Submitted by Lia S.:
My Happy Bunny
Submitted by Bunny Jury:
Submitted by I see stars:
Fall pic 2017
Submitted by Luke 9months:

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