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3 Ways To Make Plain Drinking Water More Fun
3 Ways To Make Plain Drinking Water More Fun
March 25, 2014 • Posted by Brea Buffaloe

Say goodbye to plain ol’ drinking water and hello to tasty add-ins. We all know the endless benefits of water to our bodies, from better skin to better digestion, but who says water needs to be tasteless? Here are 3 ways to spice it up!

Lemon Mint Cucumber Water: Add one cucumber and two lemons thinly sliced with 10 mint leaves to a pitcher of water for a tasty detox drink. This is a great choice for rehydration and aids in digestion.

Flavored Ice Cubes: Here’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with fruits, juices, purees and other flavors. Put your favorite combinations in an ice cube tray such as raspberry puree to make flavored cubes that will give your water the kick you’re looking for!

Make It Sparkle: Sparkling water is always a lot more fun to drink! We’ve got you covered with our Sparkling Beverage Maker. You’ll get to choose the level of carbonation, sweetness and whether or not you’d like any flavoring.

It can be difficult to drink your 8 glasses of water per day when it’s not-so-tasty. Do you have any other fun ideas to spice it up?

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