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4 Bridal Registry Must-Haves
4 Bridal Registry Must-Haves
December 3, 2014 • Posted by Ankita Satija
Congratulations – your wedding day is almost here! Now that you’ve chosen a dress, booked a venue and sent out the invites, you might want to start thinking about your bridal registry. There are a lot of responsibilities that come with planning your upcoming nuptials, but a bridal registry is a time-saver for everyone.

Your family and friends are dying to celebrate you, and they don’t have to be stuck in a rut when deciding on the perfect wedding gift. A bridal registry is a great way to prevent duplicate presents and ensure that you’ll be using every item you receive.

Not entirely sure what you’ll need yet? That’s okay! Cuisinart offers brides-to-be a wide range of products that will help create your new joint home. You can find all the wedding resources we have to offer here.

Now, let’s set up your kitchen. Here are 4 items any newlywed couple simply needs inside their pantry:

1) Crystal 14-Cup Glass Programmable Coffeemaker
Waking up next to your spouse every morning sounds like the sweetest morning greeting you can imagine. However, this state-of-the-art coffeemaker might be a close second.

2) Griddler® Deluxe
One of the most enjoyable elements of marriage is entertaining together. With this versatile grill, you can create delicious meals for every occasion, stat. From pancakes and waffles at brunch to burgers and hot dogs in the summer, you’ll undoubtedly invent plenty of possibilities for all the parties you’ll be hosting.

3) EasyPop® Popcorn Maker
You may know this already, but as a married couple, you won’t always feel like going out on the town. We’ve got good news, though: next time you decide to spend a cozy night with your partner in front of the TV, you won’t be in want of snacks. Our popcorn maker will make your movie nights easy peasy and fun! Pro tip: add a classy touch to your night with this recipe for Parmesan Popcorn.

4) Elite Collection™ 12-Cup Food Processor
With multiple food processors in one, this appliance definitely tops our list of newlywed must-haves. Use it to make your own Basil Pesto for all kinds of yummy dishes to enjoy with your spouse.
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