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Winter-taining 101
Winter-taining 101
November 12, 2013 • Posted by Ankita Satija
The weather is changing, and the holidays are near! Which means, it’s time for a whole new dimension of entertaining. Serve these mouthwatering recipes at your next gathering, and it won’t be the cold that makes your guests want to stay forever.

Any practiced party host starts off the evening with drinks. Rustle up these refreshers as soon as your guests get their layers off:

Dark ’n Stormy®
Unlike the weather outside, this cocktail is anything but. This classic beverage is a crowd-pleaser at any party, and your partygoers will welcome the golden gingery sensation.

Apple Ginger Fizz
And for the underage set, serve these wintery mocktails to ensure the same warm, fuzzy feeling the adults are having. As the recipe states, adjust amounts of ginger according to the desired level of spice.

Now for the appetizer round…

Basil Tomato Tart
The chilly weather is all about freshness. This calls for an appetizer with all-fresh ingredients such as basil and mozzarella. Bonus: this tart is also perfect for pie season.

And the much-anticipated main event:

Cranberry Sweet Potatoes
Looking to ease the transition from late fall to early winter? Present this delectable dish that incorporates seasonal flavors like cinnamon and sweet potatoes. The gorgeous colors don’t hurt either.

Beef Bourguignonne
This zesty and filling entrée is guaranteed to be a hit. And as you'll be busy socializing, use the Cuisinart Programmable Slow Cooker to cut down on prep time.

Cap off the evening:

After all that scrumptious food, leave your guests with something light, like espresso with Espresso Biscotti served on the side.
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