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A Fairytale Wedding That’s Budget-Friendly
A Fairytale Wedding That’s Budget-Friendly
November 5, 2013 • Posted by Ankita Satija
Weddings can get real expensive, real fast. As much as we’ve dreamed about our big day since childhood, a limiting budget can put a damper on some of our deepest fantasies. But with a little creativity, you and your partner can cut down on expenses and sprinkle some personality on this joyous occasion. Here are some tips on planning a wedding that is exclusively and undeniably you.

1) Skimp on the pricey tiered-cake by hiring your friends.
Yes, you read that correctly. Do you have a relative or a BFF who loves to bake? Give them a break from PTA bake sales and let them take a stab at your wedding day. Have a display of small treats such as cake pops or these delicious Russian Tea Cakes. White-icing cupcakes with edible pearls are also a classy alternative to the typical gargantuan wedding cake.

2) Give your bridesmaids some artistic license.
Instead of asking your bridesmaids to purchase identical dresses that can rack up a fortune (especially if they’re attending multiple weddings), pick a color palette. For example, if you decide to have a pastel color scheme at your wedding, have each bridesmaid choose her own dress in shades like lavender or lime. That way, your bridesmaids won’t hate you after the big day, and you will have a stunning spray of color to surround your white.

3) Get crafty with your invites.
As an alternative to spending a ton on fancy invitations, take a trip to the crafts store. Try out some of the DIY tutorials on your Pinterest boards. And if you aren’t confident in your artistic abilities, have a computer-savvy friend design one for you on Adobe Illustrator.

4) Say goodbye to your caterer.
Your wedding should be a day to celebrate you and your spouse-to-be. It seems obvious, but it can be easy to lose yourself in the frenzy to satisfy each of your guests. Instead of hiring a caterer, why not have a menu that pays homage to you and your partner’s favorite foods? The decadent buffalo wings from the deli that serve as your go-to comfort food – include them at your dinner. Does your partner go crazy for your special lasagna? Share it with your guests.
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