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Apples to Apples: A Treat For Your Baby
Apples to Apples: A Treat For Your Baby
October 31, 2013 • Posted by Ankita Satija
As apple-picking season draws to a close, you’re likely wondering what to do with all those bushels you collected. Well, don’t fret. You can transform those Granny Smiths and Pink Ladies into a scrumptious treat for the littlest member of your family. We found a delicious recipe for Apple Pie-Topped Waffles on Yahoo Shine uploaded by user Disney Baby.

Apple pie-topped waffles are not only an innovative way to ensure that your baby is getting his or her fruit intake, but they also double as a sweet snack. Additionally, if your tot has just started eating solid foods, these waffles serve as the ideal transition: they’re soft, while not quite the “mush” from your infant’s early months. Just be sure to cook the apples so that they’re soft enough for your baby to eat.

The waffle recipe also calls for cinnamon and brown sugar, which is bound to give your baby a burst of flavor. But be cautioned: once he or she gets a dose of this delectable delight, you may find yourself hauling back to the orchard once more!
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