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Sweet Pumpkin Treats
Sweet Pumpkin Treats
September 13, 2013 • Posted by Kalie Vitt

Fall is just around the corner which means that colorful autumn leaves, hot apple cider and pumpkin pies are on the return. Pumpkin pie is truly a holiday baking staple, but what other ways can you bring pumpkin to the table this fall? These five delicious desserts are an easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth with fall’s greatest flavor.

  • For a different take on an original, add pecans into the mix by baking up a warm Pumpkin Pecan Pie.
  • Stray from traditional pies for desert by making Pumpkin Crème Caramels for a sweet treat.
  • Easy-to-make Pumpkin Muffins are perfect for a quick breakfast or grab-on-the-go snack.
  • Warm and gooey Pumpkin Cookies are not only tasty, but fun to decorate.
  • Rich and Creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake is great way to add an autumn twist to an all time favorite.
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