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Celebrating Your Baby’s First Birthday
Celebrating Your Baby’s First Birthday
August 30, 2013 • Posted by Christina Fong

Your baby may not remember their first birthday but you certainly will so break out the balloons and send out those invitations. Celebrating your little one’s birthday can be big fun! Just keep these tips in mind:


  • Keep it an intimate affair. Being surrounded and constantly handled by a large crowd of ogling guests may be too overwhelming for your baby. Simply having your closest friends and family for the occasion is enough to give your child all the attention they want, and it allows you to focus on one person at a time as opposed to multiple people.
  • Food should be accommodated for the baby, other young attendees, and the grown-ups of the party. While you can’t really get too fancy with your baby’s food, lay out some finger foods such as crackers, chopped fruits and veggie sticks for the toddlers and either one large cake, a bunch of cupcakes or cake pops for everyone (tiny bites for a tiny affair). Remember to ask parents about any food allergies beforehand.
  • Entertainment, especially with kids around, is very important. Designate a play area where toys can be set up and adults can watch over them as they talk amongst themselves. The adults can also play a trivia game involving your baby’s first year or have a caption contest with a few funny and/or cute baby photos.
  • You can also have your guests help you assemble a scrapbook by asking them to bring or write something that encapsulates a memory of your baby’s first year or take a photo of each guest with your baby and put it all together in the album. Don’t forget to take one with the parents—that’s you!
  • Your baby’s going to tire out pretty quickly from the festivities so try not to extend the party past an hour or hour and a half. Also, start the party after whenever the scheduled naps are so your baby doesn’t fall asleep mid-way through the party or get cranky with your guests.


Above all else, enjoy the party! Birthdays will only get bigger and better from this point on.


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