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End-Of-Summer Bucket List
End-Of-Summer Bucket List
August 21, 2012 • Posted by Christina Fong

As the summer winds down, take some time to enjoy the little things with your little ones. There’s still plenty of sun to go around and summer food to savor so take your growing foodie out and about.  Food is meant to be experienced with all five senses and while you’re at it, check the following off your summer to-do list:


  • SEE. Have a picnic. Soak up that sun and enjoy the weather while you can! Not that snow is just around the corner, but our summer days are numbered. You and your kids will quickly see how much fun eating al fresco is.


  • SMELL. Do some gardening. Get active and proactive with your kids in the garden, and let them decide what fruits and vegetables to plant. Your kids certainly won’t mind getting a little dirt on them and neither should you! Plus, there’s nothing like the smell of a home garden.


  • HEAR. Roast food over a campfire. Whether it’s a hotdog, s’mores, or a bit of fruit, gathering around a campfire to cook and eat is a time-honored summer tradition that never goes out of style. The sound of roasting food, crackling wood and chirping crickets doesn’t hurt either.


  • TOUCH. Go fruit picking. Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and peaches are still good to pick right now. It’s a fun and inexpensive activity that will show your kids where their fruits and veggies come from and how much work goes into gathering them.


  • TASTE. Juice some fruits. It doesn’t matter what you juice as long as your kids realize how fun and easy it is to make freshly-squeezed drinks. They’ll be amazed at how different (and better) it tastes, and you may find yourself engaged in a new recurring activity.
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