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How to Host a Baby Shower
How to Host a Baby Shower
August 15, 2012 • Posted by Jean at Delightful Repast

No one appreciates a party more than an expectant mother! Dressing the baby and decorating his/her new digs is all the more fun when her family and friends are sharing in the joy. If you’ve never given a baby shower, your time will come. The following seven tips will help you pull it off without a hitch.


    • Unlike a bridal shower, a baby shower may be hosted by family members as well as friends.


    • If more than one shower is being held, the guest lists should be coordinated so that no one is invited to more than one.


    • Sometimes a shower is held about a month after the birth, but more often the baby shower is held a month or two before the due date.


    • Early afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday is often convenient for most guests. Two hours or so is generally long enough to chat, have some refreshments, open gifts and perhaps play a few games.


    • Shower invitations are sent four to six weeks ahead, asking guests to RSVP by two weeks before the shower.


    • The invitation should include the following information:
      Names of both guest of honor and host(s)
      Date and time
      Location and directions
      Phone number and email address of host handling RSVPs
      Registry information or helpful hints (gender, nursery theme, colors)


  • Traditionally there is a shower for the first baby only, but this has been relaxed in recent years. Unless several years have elapsed since the birth of the first baby, the mother is likely to still have all the “big ticket” items; but diapers, blankets and other supplies might need to be replenished.
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