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Be a Farmer for a Day
Be a Farmer for a Day
May 4, 2012 • Posted by Jean at Delightful Repast

Is your child a budding “foodie” or one you’d like to see take more interest in what he eats? Has taking her along with you to the supermarket not made quite the impact you had expected (She was more wowed by the selection of sugary cereals than the array of fresh produce)? Then it might be time to go a little farther afield!

A nearby farmers market or farm stand is a good place to start, but you might have to leave the city limits. Kids enjoy food festivals, even if the featured food is not to their liking. Many young minds have likely been changed about artichokes at the Castroville (California) Artichoke Festival. There are food festivals throughout the country—from the Lexington County (South Carolina) Peach Festival to the Pine Grove (Colorado) Rhubarb Festival.

If you’ve already done that, it might be time to get your hands dirty! You may not have the time or space for a backyard garden, but you can still pick your own fruits and vegetables. Check—which also lists festivals—for a PYO (pick-your-own or U-pick) farm or orchard near where you live or will be vacationing.

Be sure to wear sensible shoes and dress appropriately. An inexperienced picker of organic raspberries at a farm in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, or of strawberries at a farm in Moorpark, California, is bound to come away berry-stained! Don’t forget to bring your own clippers as well as drinking water, sunscreen and a hat.

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