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A Rainy Day Picnic
A Rainy Day Picnic
March 19, 2012 • Posted by Jean at Delightful Repast

With the children stuck inside too many days in a row, cabin fever is inevitable. Books, videos and even the most exciting electronic games lose their appeal eventually. Answer the plaintive cries of “Mom, there’s nothing to do” with “Let’s go on a picnic!”

An indoor picnic can brighten up the grayest day. Gather your picnic gear—a blanket, tablecloth, well-stocked picnic basket, a couple of board games—and head to the largest stretch of open floor space in your house. Having everyone dressed for summer adds to the ambiance.

Pitch a tent—a pop-up or a makeshift version with kitchen chairs and sheets—to simulate a campground. Or bring out the beach towels and sand chairs to create a seaside mood. A beach ball can’t do too much damage indoors.

Without the usual picnic issue of keeping food at safe temperatures for an extended period of time, menu choices are limitless. But it’s fun to have typical picnic foods and drinks—sandwiches, cold fried chicken, deviled eggs, coleslaw, potato salad, raw vegetables and dip, fruit, cookies, cupcakes, hand pies, iced tea, lemonade, juice-sparkling water.

No ants, flies, bees or wasps to “bug” you. No worries about sunburn or snakebite. You might decide, rain or shine, The Great Indoors has a lot to recommend it!

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