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Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother’s Day!
May 7, 2011

Sundays are my slow day. The one morning out of seven when I get to sleep in, and recharge my batteries for the week ahead. Yes, I consider myself lucky I don’t have to wait for one fleeting day a year to enjoy this luxury.

This Sunday is a little different, though. I get to savor the moment longer, the whole day even. Once I wake, what would be my idea of the perfect Mother’s Day? Not washing a single dish ranks high on that list. This means taking a break from cooking for the day too, but going out for brunch isn’t necessarily what I’d consider a peaceful Sunday morning. Aimee, over at Simple Bites, posted a fantastic idea for Mother’s Day last year. She left a little “cheat sheet” of sorts for her husband and sons, to help make her day and their handling of it, less stressful.

This year, I think I’ll take a cue from her. Thankfully, my husband has perfected the French press set-up, so he’s ready to go in the coffee department. I’ll do my part and prep some scones, wrap and store them in the fridge so he can just bake them in the morning. The kids can help make fresh orange juice, thanks to the citrus juicer on our stand mixer. And the lilies of the valley in the yard are just about to bloom. With any luck, they’ll do their part, so I can wake to the scent of my favorite fresh-cut flowers too.

Here’s some more ideas from a few of our favorite mom food bloggers—they’re all easy enough for your husband and children to prep together to make your special day delicious!

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