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How to Freeze and Thaw Homemade Baby Food
Jun 22, 2013 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Making your own baby food is a great way to help your family stay healthy - fiscally and physically. But to do it safely, you've got to master the ins-and-outs of freezing and thawing baby food in ways that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Read More
Naturally Sweet Muffins for Baby
Jun 7, 2013 | Posted by Christina Fong
When it comes to feeding your baby, there are so many do’s and don’ts, and should’s and shouldn’ts that it becomes stressful around feeding time. In terms of baked goods, the biggest concern there is the sugar level. Read More
Mommy and Me: Finger Foods
Jun 4, 2013 | Posted by Christina Fong
After about eight or nine months, your baby will have the motor skills to not only throw food at the wall but in their mouth. Sure, you can rejoice in the fact that you no longer have to fight to spoon feed them but why not join in on the finger food merriment? Read More
Teething Troubles
May 7, 2013 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Teething is a fact of life and a big part of your little one’s journey from baby to toddler. While there is no magic cure-all, take heart in knowing that this too is a just a phase. In the meantime, make a batch of these all-natural fruit smoothie pops for a cool treat that’s sure to add a smile for baby to showcase her new-found chompers. Read More
Baby Fat
Apr 26, 2013 | Posted by Vivian Manning-Schaffel
Babies need fat. A baby's brain consists of 60% fat, much of it consisting of essential fatty acids. Because their little brains are growing so fast, babies need the essential fatty acids that come from food to help them grow and enhance visual development. Read More
Baby Food for the Family
Apr 26, 2013 | Posted by Christina Fong
Baby food isn’t just restricted to babies, as I’m sure many parents have admittedly eaten and enjoyed a lot of what they purchase or prepare for their little tots. If you’re looking for a recipe that will satisfy both parties, oatmeal is one of our favorites. Read More
Homemade Apple Pancakes for Baby
Apr 5, 2013 | Posted by Christina Fong
Raw, baked, pureed—we love apples any way we can have them and so does your baby, most likely. Apple sauce is among the most popular baby foods, after all. Read More
Keeping Baby Healthy
Feb 13, 2013 | Posted by Rebecca Marber
In these winter months, it’s especially important that babies receive the necessary nutrients for staying healthy and fighting off those nasty colds and flus that inevitably attack each year. That’s why we’ve come up with some foods that are particularly good at protecting your child’s health (not to mention your own!). Read More
Veggie Baby
If you want to raise your child as a vegetarian, there are many inventive ways to create an interesting, nutritious menu. Read More
Baby's First Foods
Jan 13, 2013 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Ask any parent at what point you can start feeding baby solids, and you’re likely to get as many answers as people you ask. The best advice, though, will always come from your pediatrician. When my second daughter was born, I remember my surprise at her four-month check up when her doctor said the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) had revised their guidelines and were now advising parents to wait until six months of age before starting solids. Read More

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