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Ecuadorian Popcorn Soup

Top this delicious soup with sliced avocado and freshly popped popcorn, for a fun and dramatic presentation.
A real crowd pleaser."


one large bunch of leeks (about 5)
organic milk (enough to get the right consistency)
5-7 potatoes (yukon gold or others)
2 boxes organic chicken soup broth
3-4 cloves garlic
two tablespoons (or more oregano)
1 TBLS red pepper flakes
1 TBLS cumin
1 TBlS corriander
1-1/2 cup grated Mexican or cheddar
1/3 cup cilantro cheese


1. Saute the leeks with the garlic and spices (not cilantro), I use olive oil that's been steeped with annatto seeds but it's not necessary (just adds a nice natural color).
2. Add the chicken stock and potatoes- you want the broth to be thick with potatoes and depending on how much soup you want you can add some extra water here. The potatoes should be good sized chunks.
3. Simmer until the potatoes are just about tender, not totally falling apart. You want to take out maybe 2/3 of the potato chunks and let them cool a bit then purree them with enough milk so they can blend to the desired consistancy--thick and hearty. Mix this back into the soup, let it simmer again BUT NOT BOIL.
4. Wisk in the cheese (with the finely chopped cilantro) and let those dissolve and cook down for a minute. Salt to taste.
This is served with a hot sauce condiment, slices of avocado (sprinkled w/ lime juice) and a punch bowl of salted popcorn.

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