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French Onion Soup

Fast & Delicious - For 6 Servings
This takes about 7 minutes to complete. You can serve it with slices of apples and french bread. It is delicious and fast."


2 Large White Onions
Two 32 oz Beef Stock Soup, Low Sodium or No Salt
One small can of Low sodium Chicken Soup
1 slice of Provolone Cheese per serving
A box of croutons ( your favorite)
Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese


Roast the Onions on a Cuisinart pan until caramelized. While they are roasting mix the soups in a large microwaveable container in re-heat. When both ready, in a large soup cup, place the croutons first, then the roasted onions. Pour the soup and sprinkle the Parmesan grated cheese. Then, place the sliced Provolone cheese on top and the heat will melt it. If time allows, place the cups in the oven, under the hot broiler for 1 minute.

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6 to 8

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