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Pepperoni Soup


1 lb of Hamburger
1/2 Pack of Sliced Pepperoni
1 Medium Green Bell Pepper Diced
1/4 - 1/5 of A White Onion Diced
2 Cups of Water
14 - 15 oz Can of Pizza Sauce
4.5 oz Jar of Sliced Mushrooms (drained)
14.5 oz Can of Beef Broth
14 oz Can of Diced Tomatoes (undrained)
1 - 2 Tablespoons of Italian Seasoning
Mozzarella Cheese For Topping


In a large pot brown hamburger. Once browned, drain excess fat. Put hamburger back in the pot and add all of the remaining ingredients except the mozzarella cheese.
Simmer on Med-High for about 25 minutes. Do not cover.

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