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Kickin Scallop n bacon Chowder

Gourmet chowder easy to make in one pot"


Peppered bacon
3 ribs Celery
1 cup Onion
¾ lb Scallops
Seafood seasoning
Sea salt
2 med Potatoes
Chicken broth
Water to cover potatoes
1 qt heavy cream
1 pt ½ n ½
¼ tsp Nutmeg
1 ½ tsp Adobe seasoning
1tsp Cayenne pepper
½ tsp Black pepper
5oz dry sherry


½ lb Peppered bacon slice into small pieces fry in large pot
Add ¾ c chopped Celery, 1 c chopped Onion
Saute until softened and some color. Remove bacon and vegetables set aside.

Rinse Scallops season lightly with seafood seasoning and sea salt then place in hot pan to sear just to a light brown color. Remove, cool and cube, set aside

Place cubed potatoes in pan and add, sea salt, chicken stock and water to cover, simmer til softened. Drain off and reserve potato liquid.

Pour in heavy cream and ½ n½ into pot. Add ¾ of bacon bits, celery, onion and potatoes, season to taste with sea salt, nutmeg, adobe, cayenne and black pepper.

Add scallops, simmer, taste and adjust seasoning,

Finish off with dry sherry, garnish with bacon bits

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