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Mango Frosty ( match)
Type: Beverages
A smooth, icy and flavorful treat, beautiful when served in a frosted glass.
Watermelon Smoothie ( match)
Type: Beverages
A refreshing and healthy beverage. Whip one up after your workout or for a quick snack on the run.
Fresh Fruit Smoothie - 6 Servings ( match)
Type: Beverages
Layers of fresh fruit blend in just seconds to make this all fruit smoothie.
Watermelon Agua Fresca ( match)
Type: Beverages
The ultimate refreshing drink – perfect for a hot summers day
Tropical Colada ( match)
Type: Beverages
A refreshing cocktail with a taste of the tropics
Hummus - 2-1/4 cups For Blenders ( match)
Type: Appetizers

A thick, creamy blend of garbanzo beans, garlic and lemon. Hummus is traditionally served with pieces of pita bread.

Creamy Tomato-Basil Soup ( match)
Type: Soups
Bits of tomato and basil add flavor and texture to this light and creamy chilled soup. Garnish with plain yogurt and basil if desired.
Brown Cow Slushy ( match)
Type: Beverages
Super Chocolatey Shake ( match)
Type: Beverages
The ultimate chocolate milkshake
Breakfast Banana Berry Smoothie ( match)
Type: Beverages
The perfect breakfast when you are on the run
Mango Peach Smoothie ( match)
Type: Beverages
Make your orange juice ice cubes ahead and be ready to make this or other smoothies when you want a refreshing treat.
Fruity Frozen Colada ( match)
Type: Beverages
Creamy coconut combined with flavorful fruit sorbet adds some zest to your colada. Add a shot of rum to suit your taste.
Frozen Latte ( match)
Type: Beverages
Cranberry-Kiwi Slush ( match)
Type: Beverages
Cranberry and kiwi are an enticing combination. Add a splash of your favorite rum for an extra special drink!
Banana Berry Smoothies ( match)
Type: Beverages
Perfect for breakfast for two on the run.
Chunky Guacamole - 1-1/2 cups For Blender ( match)
Type: Appetizers

Yogurt contributes a creamier texture to this traditional Mexican dish. If you prefer a spicier flavor, add more chilies and chili powder.