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Turkish Coffee ( match)
Type: Beverages
Traditional in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, this Turkish-style coffee is very strong, with a pleasant touch of cardamom.
Chai - 4 Servings ( match)
Type: Beverages
While this tea is best prepared with half-and-half, reduced fat or soy milk may be substituted.
Spiced Mixed Nuts ( match)
Type: Spice Mixes

You may substitute your favorite nuts and spices for the ones we have suggested.

Tahini Vinaigrette ( match)
Type: Sauces and Dressings

This recipe may be easily modified by changing the flavor of the oil or vinegar.

Crab and Seafood Seasoning ( match)
Type: Spice Mixes
This seasoning can be very versatile – perfect in crab cakes but also a great seasoning for poultry and French fries!
Crab Cakes ( match)
Type: Appetizers
Peanut Dipping Sauce ( match)
Type: Sauces and Dressings
A classic accompaniment to summer rolls, this sauce can also be used with noodles or on chicken.
Five Spice Powder ( match)
Type: Spice Mixes
This traditional Chinese seasoning blend has a unique flavor – use sparingly though, as a little does go a long way.
Curry Powder ( match)
Type: Spice Mixes
Curry powder is actually a blend of many different ground spices. The possibilities of spice combinations are endless. Here is one option.
Curry Chicken ( match)
Type: Entrees
This mildly spicy dish is best served with basmati rice.
Pad Thai Noodles ( match)
Type: Sides
Chili Powder ( match)
Type: Spice Mixes
Chili powder can be as hot or as mild as you would like; choose the chilies accordingly – anchos are mild while habaneros and guajillos tend to be hot.
Red Chile Stew ( match)
Type: Entrees
This hearty stew has a smoky yet subtly spicy flavor. It is best served with a side of rice, sliced avocado, sour cream, and tortillas.
Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb ( match)
Type: Entrees
This delicious lamb is perfect for a special occasion – hazelnuts work just as well.
Spiced Pecan Pie Crust ( match)
Type: Desserts
This pairs great with our Pumpkin Pie (see page TK) but would also add a new twist to a New York style cheesecake.
Pumpkin Pie ( match)
Type: Desserts
Ginger Cookies ( match)
Type: Desserts
To give these cookies a stronger flavor, freshly grind your spices with a Cuisinart® Spice Grinder.