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Sean’s Veggie Noodle Delight


Two cups elbow macaroni prepared according to the package.

Four medium tomatoes (sometimes more if I am in the mood)

One small white onion (red onion also will work)

One green pepper

One small cucumber or zucchini

One small summer squash

Salt and pepper to taste

Little pinch of Cyenan pepper

Little pinch of garlic powder

4-tsb butter

4-tsb olive oil

(Use whatever veggies you have on hand (canned, frozen or fresh) or use what veggies are in season. Corn, green beans, and butter beans are also good too!)


Boil noodles and drain water when done. Set noodles a side. Put cut Veggies into a medium saucepan. Add seasonings, Butter and olive oil. Mix and let it cook until the veggies are tender. Add all the veggies to the noodle mix. Serve to hungry hubby with a nice slice of homemade wheat bread.

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