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It is easier to make your own caramels than unwrap all of the little store bought one and the flavor can not be better"


2 lb. brown sugar
16 oz corn syrup ( usually one bottle)
2 cups butter (1 pound)
1 quart half and half
1 tablespoon vanilla


Melt butter in a large heavy pan, add sugar, corn syrup and half and half. Stir until everything is perking away happily or until comes to a boil. Cook on med heat until hard ball stirring frequently. Take off of the burner quickly and add vanilla

It will be thick and caramel colored. If you wish to make caramel apples allow to cool about 5 minute and drip clean dry apples in. If you wish caramel pour into foil lined and butter 13 x 9 pan. When at room temp, cut into 1 in squares and when complete cool, wrap individually in wax paper or other candy wrappers.

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about 100

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