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Memory of Mom

Tonie's Chili
My Mother was so different than other Moms. She loved to talk, but hated to cook. I learned to cook simply because I didn't like what my Mom made, so as early as 8 years of age she said, "if you don't like what I make, then you cook". And so I did.

The one thing, however, that she made that I often miss is her chili and homemade tortillas. I've never been able to duplicate her tortillas, but the chili comes really close. My Mom died in 1990 and I still miss her.



4 Green Pasilla Chilis
4 Yellow Chilis
4 Jalapenos
1 28 oz. Ro-tel Diced Tomatoes with chili
2 lbs. diced (about 1 inch fresh pork loin
1 tsp of Cumin(or to taste)
2-3 tab. of Knorr Tomato Bouillon w/Chicken broth.
1 large onion diced
5 garlic cloves diced.
1 cup of water or as needed


Take all fresh chilis - wash, paper towel dry. Put a little oil in your hands - rub chilis.

Broil chilis about 8-10 inches from "hot" broiler. Turn chilis to blister on all sides. Remove and put in a paper bag, or wrap in clean, moist paper towels. Let sit for about 15 minutes so that skins peel easily. Remove stems and seeds (if you don't want "hot" chili). Leave seeds in for spicy.

Put peeled chilis in Cuisinart with 3 of the cloves of garlic, add 1 tsp. salt and cumin. Pulse 4-5 times.
Chili should be cut, but somewhat chunky. Set aside.

Add 3 tab. of oil (corn or olive)
Get pan hot, add pork and cook until lightly browned. Remove pork from pan, set aside.

Add more oil if not enough in pan,
add onions and balance of garlic. Cook and scrape up brown bits from bottom of pan. About 2-3 minutes.

Add pork to pan, can of Ro-tel, Tomato bouillon, water. Add salt to taste.

Cook at least 45 minutes or until pork is firm, but soft.

Serve with hot pinto beans and flour or corn tortillas.

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