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Maria Naclerio
Entire meal in one pot. Meat, Vegetables and Starch. Flaky Pork Chops with a hint of Vinegar Flavoring sauteed in its own juice. Crumbs fall off into the frying pan and make a wonderful sauce for dipping Italian bread, The perfect meal for the busy lifestyle -- all complete in 20 minutes."


6 - 8 thick pork chops with bone
bread crumbs
oil for frying
B & G Red Vinegar Pepper in Jar
Semolina Italian Bread


Pre-heat frying pan with small amount of oil (just covering the botton of pan). Mix eggs and milk in separate bowl and dip Chops into mix. Take Dipped Chops and bread with bread crumbs and "lightly" sear both sides of chop in this for all chops and in the same pan, placed them back, pour B & G Vinegar Peppers with all the Vinegar into the same pan. Cover and let simmer for 25 mins.

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6 - 8

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