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Carrot cake in a glass!
Submitted by Kaitlyn g.

Carrot cake shake

Dairy free!
A yummy breakfast treat to satisfy your kids while sneaking in some veggies while they just think it tastes good...sneaky mommy! Dairy free blissful heaven in a glass."


1 cup carrot juice

2 tbsp coconut pecan frosting

2 tbsp cream cheese frosting

2 cups very vanilla soy milk from Silk

2 cups crushed ice

1 package of instant oatmeal raisin, date, and walnut flavor

1 ripe banana frozen in chunks


1. In a large blender mix all ingredients and purred on high for 3 min until smooth.

2. Serve 5 hungry kiddos a small glass with a straw :) with a buttered muffin!

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5 small glasses

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